I’m Courtney. I’m your coach, guide and mentor. I’m an Integrative Wellness Life Coach and Personal Trainer. 

My passion is helping women discover the strong, healthy and happy version of themselves by providing the tools and techniques to a sustainable balanced and healthy way of living through my wellness weight loss programs.

I became passionate with health and fitness after I went through my own transformation.

I struggled with my weight and confidence for a majority of my life. As a young adult I was put on anti-depressant medication because how tired and down I constantly was feeling.

I accumulated a lot of bad habits over the years including smoking, drinking and poor diet choices. My family's diet consisted of fast food or frozen dinners. Several of my family members had diabetes and I knew I was heading in that direction.

I struggled for years feeling this way. I did not know the first step to take. I recall friends and co-workers making comments behind my back and saying that I was lazy and didn't care about myself.

It was not that I wanted to feel awful guys! And I was by far not lazy! I spent most of my day worrying about my health and how nice it would feel to put on a pair of old jeans and have them fit. I just had no idea on what to do. There was so much information out there and I didn't know where to start.

And then I had a 'AHA' moment that changed my life forever. I decided then and there that I was going to get my health back on track and I would do anything it took.

I spent the next several years researching everything there is to know about health and fitness. I started following successful wellness speakers and went through schooling of my own. I hired an amazing trainer that helped me with my transformation and was hooked ever since. I found my PASSION.

Looking back now I wish I would have made that change sooner. Changing my diet and exercising consistently each week GOT MY LIFE BACK.

Not just physically but emotionally as well friends! I felt amazing, I became confident in myself again, I got off the medication and I wasn't afraid of facing everyday life and taking on new challenges! (Friends, the old me would have never climbed a mountain, signed up for a spartan race, learned how to rock climb or complete a half marathon!)

My goal was to find a strong, healthy and happy version of myself and through my journey I became inspired to help others. I quit my corporate management job of twelve years to become a personal trainer to help people live a healthy lifestyle.

After training clients for several years, I decided to take my training business to the next level. I wanted to not only train my clients with their fitness, but also with nutrition and day to day life stressors. CAFA was born!

My niche is helping women learn the foundations of what eating healthy looks like for their body type, finding balance in all areas of life through life coaching exercises and designing exercise programs for one’s body type and weight loss goals.

I am confident once you complete my Get Fit/Be Well program you too will have the tools and techniques to be the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of YOU.